Safety and product complaints

Patient safety is a priority for Immedica.

Suspected adverse drug reactions associated with medicinal products supplied by Immedica, should be reported to Regulatory Authorities according to national requirements. In addition, you may contact Immedica Drug Safety at:

If you would like to report a product complaint, i.e. a problem with a medical product supplied by Immedica, this should be reported according to national requirements and primarily to your local pharmacy. You may also contact Immedica Quality at:

The information you have reported about your identity, product complaints, adverse reactions and any related information will be recorded and processed by Immedica Pharma AB and its affiliates with support of electronic IT systems. The information may be shared with contractual partners and authorities within and outside the EU for the purpose of safety surveillance and protecting patient safety, in accordance with applicable legislation. The data will be stored for as long as required under applicable law.

On request, you have the right to access and request correction of any personal data which we hold about you. Please submit such a request to:

If the information you provide relates to someone other than yourself, Immedica advises that you inform the individual who experienced the adverse event of the fact that an adverse event related to them has been reported to us.