Committed to our customers and benefit for patients
Immedica is a fully-fledged independent pharmaceutical company with high performing commercial capabilities over Europe and Middle East. Immedica is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and our mission is to satisfy unmet medical needs via providing pharmaceutical products to patients with rare diseases and caregivers within niche specialty healthcare.

Our geographic footprint gives access to over 35 countries with totally more than 700 million inhabitants, and our commercial expertise is focused on optimizing drug access for patients, without impairing the commercial and medical treatment possibilities in other parts of the world.

Immedica has developed a well-tailored and cost-efficient approach for the successful management of rare disease products, including orphan drugs, in Europe and Middle East. In optimizing access to the products, we offer a package of complete commercial pharmaceutical services and strategies including marketing and sales via an experienced rare disease field force, navigation of the complex pricing and reimbursement environment, tender management, regulatory and medical affairs, drug safety and quality assurance. Immedica also runs an effective logistics chain for distribution of products all over Europe and Middle East. Immedica has since long established strong relations and networks with key opinion leaders and other stakeholders across the rare disease areas.

Immedica always puts the patients first, and in an Immedica partnership assets get full commitment and support in order for us to bring the valuable medicines to patients. Our principal philosophy is that everything we do should add value for our customers and partners and most importantly the patients.

Immedica’s senior leadership has a long and proven track record of operating in mutually fruitful commercial partnerships, and our company possesses large experience from, and flexibility on, different partnership structures.

With the strong backing from its main owner Impilo AB, a Swedish based healthcare focused investment company, Immedica is continuously searching for new products which could support in fulfilling unmet medical needs and improve the life for the patients in Europe and the Middle East.

Immedica medicine

Our key areas of interest for partnering

Type of product
  • Orphan drugs and other products for treatment of rare diseases
  • Other types of niche specialty care drugs
  • Tail products generally in specialty care
  • Small molecules as well as biopharmaceuticals
Product stages
  • Approved products in, or ready for, commercial launch phase
  • Commercially mature products, including so called tail products
  • Assets in late stage development programs, phase III or at registration
Therapeutic areas
  • Genetic & Metabolic disorders
  • Oncology
  • Haematology
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Rare disease indications in general
Preferred territories
  • All or parts of Europe
  • Middle East

Contact us for further discussions
At Immedica, we are always open to discuss new partnerships, particularly for products which fulfil unmet medical needs, for in-licensing or acquisition, as well as for exclusive distribution.

If you are interested in finding out more about Immedica and its partnering focus, please contact Håkan Garpenstrand, Head of Business Development:
Telephone: +46 (0)70 880 29 32