Satisfying unmet medical needs

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Satisfying unmet medical needs
Immedica is a fully-fledged independent pharmaceutical company with high performing commercial capabilities in Europe and the Middle East. Our headquarter is in Stockholm, Sweden, and from the start, we have been dedicated to satisfying unmet medical needs. We are providing pharmaceutical products to patients with rare diseases and caregivers within niche speciality healthcare. Our geographic coverage enables access to over 35 countries with totally more than 700 million inhabitants. Our commercial expertise is focused on optimizing drug access for patients, without impairing the commercial and medical treatment possibilities in other parts of the world. We are constantly scanning the global market for new products and projects. Acquisitions, in-licensing and exclusive distribution is in the core of our business.


We thrive with partnerships
Immedica’s highest focus is to bring valuable medicines to patients.

  • In an Immedica partnership, assets get full commitment and support
  • Senior leadership has a long-term proven track record working in mutually fruitful commercial partnerships
  • Flexibility on partnership structures, acquisitions, distribution, in-licensing etc.

Our vision
“To become the leading and preferred Specialty Care Partner Company, launching and making niched speciality & rare disease medicines available to patients with high unmet medical need in Europe and the Middle East”

We embrace the rare
At Immedica, we are specialists in the rare. It is our conviction that there is a need for a pharmaceutical company, dedicated also to very rare conditions and situations in health care and willing to allocate resources also to smaller pharmaceutical products. By building a portfolio of assets for rare conditions, we are able to generate synergies and achieve critical mass across products.


Partner with us
Our motto is to create win-win-win situations; for the patients, health care and the companies behind a product. We have over the years been very successful in quickly securing market access for our products, including management of the national processes for pricing and reimbursement and making sure all local regulatory requirements are met.